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V.I.P. Zone 3-5 PCs

V.I.P. Zone 3-5 PCs

First year AMP (annual maintenance plan) is included.
This utility allows you to quickly enter and edit customers in RMS. V.I.P. Zone can be run in Store Operations POS and Manager, HQ Manager, or as a standalone application on a back office workstation.

You can use V.I.P. Zone to:
- Prevent invalid customer addresses no matter how badly your employees type
- Validate partial addresses in real time or corrects existing ones (USPS)
- Automate reverse phone number lookup to eliminate manual address entry
- Merge duplicate customers and purchase histories into one account
- Provide global account editing in POS at store level for HQ users including account and additional tabs
- Perform reverse city/state lookup based on dominant postal code; shipping addresses too
- Validate email addresses during entry
- Display order summary information by customer (balance, open orders/quotes, # visits)
- Locate customers quickly with default fuzzy phone search (last four digits)
- Enable quick search by Acct#/Last name/First name/Company/Phone in one text box
- Auto-launch Reverse Number Lookup (RNL) for new customer adds
- Automate USPS address validation in real-time
- Utilize dropdown filters by State and City or Order type
- Perform partial or multiple Zip Code searches
- Exclude company column in list view; suppress Title and Country entries
- Use Reverse Number Lookup to correct existing customer accounts
- View map location of customer address
- View driving directions to/from customer address
- Enable setup options like ALL CAPS, Auto-capitalize, and default settings
- Quickly recall open orders for any customer (workorder, layaway, backorder, quote)
- Greatly reduce your RETURN TO SENDER bounces on postal mailers!

A special report included with V.I.P. Zone will list your top customers with addresses to expedite list extractions.

Click here to view V.I.P. Zone tutorials

CLICK HERE to download 30-day trial installer.
Installer password: vz033119
Windows 7 & higher: Must install app as admin and set app shortcut to Run as Administrator for All Users after installed (Compatibility tab).

Click here for V.I.P. Zone brochure

First year AMP (annual maintenance plan) is included.

IMPORTANT: Before placing an order you must FIRST request a license by running the application, select About, Register in top menu, click envelope icon and follow the instructions. Our registration office will reply with appropriate cart link.

3-5 PCs

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