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ShipRush Pro for UPS

ShipRush Pro for UPS

For Microsoft RMS users only. Includes USPS/Endicia option -
UPS shipping integrated with RMS
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Easy to Use:
The ShipRush interface is friendly and familiar. Don't worry about a learning curve, ShipRush is intuitive and fast.

Perfect for Small & Large Shippers:
Even if your business ships only a few packages a week, ShipRush helps by reducing clicks and saving tracking numbers in your RMS system, for easy reference later. Large shippers benefit from the ease of use and keyboard navigation built into ShipRush each shipment takes just a click or two.

Centralized Shipping Information:
Who needs tracking numbers spread across shipping software, web sites, and hard copies? With ShipRush all shipping activity is stored in RMS.

Easy Installation:
Up and running in minutes! Simply download ShipRush, run the setup wizard, and you are ready to ship.

The Pro edition includes full support for all UPS services including UPS Returns/Pickups and all Fedex services.

Price is per PC station. If you have more than one shipping desk PC you'll need to order a license for each station.

Price includes a one year subscription to ShipRush with all updates included. Annual Renewal Fee is 50% of regular price. This ensures ShipRush is always in sync with the UPS and Fedex systems.

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