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Service Manager SM-101 Forms

Service Manager SM-101 Forms

Plain paper form with folds and micro-perfs
Order this form from CBF Print Solutions at (800) 826-1988.

One goal of Service Manager is to be as "green" as possible. While we can’t eliminate a paper trail completely, a single printout on recycled paper form should suffice in most cases. Service Manager tracks all important information onscreen, so you don't need multiple copies of an estimate or service order. You do not need to retain a copy of this form unless a disclaimer has been signed. Please recycle accordingly.

Click here to view sample printout with bicycle store layout (does not show perfs). Includes customer claim stub and article ID bracelet; folds to fit standard schedule boards with info strip exposed. You can also pre-print estimate forms on demand for use with clipboards. Click here to view 1 column format. Click here to view 2 column format.

Forms are shrink wrapped in quantities of 250 and packaged 1,000 forms per carton. The minimum order is 1 carton.
1 carton - $149.00 (1000 forms)
2-4 cartons - $127.00/ctn
5-9 cartons - $115.00/ctn
Prices are current as of May 2017 and subject to change without notice.

Please note that these forms are recycled paper and "do more with less". 40 column thermal receipt paper is chemically treated fax paper which is not recyclable. Neither are multi-part carbonless forms you may be using now. Please spread the word -- "Go green with SM-101 forms!"

Order this form from CBF Print Solutions at (800) 826-1988.

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