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QuickSell 2000 Installer

QuickSell 2000 Installer

Download installer of QuickSell 2000 v3.01n for EXISTING QS2000 USERS who have lost their original CD.

This version of QuickSell 2000 is required to convert to Microsoft RMS Store Operations.
You can also use this installer to reinstall QuickSell 2000 on any PC.*
You'll receive a link to download along with instructions on extracting the installer files.
You can install QuickSell 2000 from the download folder directly or copy the contents to a CD.
Includes Quick Reference and User Guide PDFs plus option to create installation diskettes if needed to support an old PC with floppy drive.
Purchase price is ONLY refundable against a Microsoft RMS purchase.

*REQUIRES ORIGINAL SECURITY DONGLE connected to parallel port on the POS lane. If you don't have this dongle, DO NOT PURCHASE THE DOWNLOAD (no refunds).

Limited support services for QuickSell 2000 are available at www.DRShelp.com. Pay per incident charges will apply. Please note QuickSell 2000 was wirtten for Windows 95/98 and is NOT compatible with Windows 7/8/10. The highest OS you can use is XP which is no longer supported.

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 60 MINUTES TO RECEIVE A DOWNLOAD LINK ONCE ORDER IS PROCESSED. Download link may not post until NEXT BUSINESS DAY if order is received after-hours.

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