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Pay-per-Incident Support-Email

Pay-per-Incident Support-Email

Up to 15 minutes of DRS Support services via email-ticket; good for single incident; add'l minutes charged at $2/min

INSTRUCTIONS: Visit DRShelp.com after purchase and select Submit a Ticket in top menu. Email support is same day response if ticket is received before 5pm (US/CA) on weekdays (excluding holidays) or next business day reply if ticket is submitted after-hours or on weekends.

Services are provided by email-ticket only (same day to 72 hour response time). If you need live support instead, select Live PPI option or enroll in an annual support plan.
For details CLICK HERE to visit our Help Desk.

IMPORTANT: Cart charge is a PRE-AUTH ONLY. Final charges apply when support incident ends and ticket is closed. Your card will not be charged until that occurs whiich may be up to 10 days later depending on services requested.

Please note our ANNUAL SUPPORT PLANS that include live UNLIMITED WEEKDAY SUPPORT starting at $69/mo for a 1-2 PC network, $89/mo for 3-5 PC network, and $129/mo for 6-10 PCs. To enroll in a monthly support plan, CLICK HERE to download a support agreement.

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