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Microsoft RMS Add-ins from DRS

Microsoft RMS Add-ins from DRS

Our add-ins do not use hooks and work with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics RMS v1.x and v2.x.

Digital Retail Solutions specializes in quality RMS add-ins to enhance and customize your point-of-sale solution to fit your business requirements. Not sure what you need? Contact us for a free consultation and 30 day trials.

DRS add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics RMS include the following:
- AutoGen: Auto-generation of item codes, barcode type, store tax (HQ), and reorder number updates
- JumpStart: Import utility for Bike-alog- and selected suppliers; plus new item creation tool with matrix wizard
- DRS Linker: Automated linking utility for participating suppliers and trading partners
- DRS Tools: Wizards and maintenance utilities to expedite mass changes to RMS data
- Status Window: Displays important customer and sales information in POS
- TenderView: Quick view of drawer totals and tender details without running a report
- Serial Editor: Serialized unit control and assembly tracking
- SO Tracker: Manages special orders from time of creation in POS to order/receive in Manager to delivery
- Power Ops: Enhanced new item creation tool with matrix style sheets, price calculators, and more; also includes SWAT Search, an advanced search utility that replaces Lookup/Find in POS; add to PO functions in Manager
- SmartPOP: Product signage templates generate signs directly from RMS database
- PO Loader: Order entry linker for participating suppliers
- Custom Reports: Dozens of custom reports and updated report templates
- Custom Templates: Enhanced templates for receipts and purchase orders
- V.I.P. Zone: enhanced customer search/edit/add tool for POS with reverse number lookup, USPS address verification, merge duplicate accounts, global customer edit (HQ), more
- Service Manager: enhanced workorders and service management with estimates, resource scheduling, email notifications, and more. Also integrates with SO Tracker and V.I.P. Zone.

Our bundled suites include these options:
- Matrix Manager: AutoGen plus Power Ops
- Bicycle Bundle: All of the above including DRS Service Manager (manages service dept) and V.I.P. Zone (manages customers)
- Hobby Bundle: All of the above except JumpStart, plus DRS Service Manager and V.I.P. Zone
- RMS Toolkit: All components above except JumpStart, Service Manager, PO Loader, and DRS Linker

Click here to visit our add-ins information page.

Digital Retail Solutiions can also customize one of our add-ins to meet your needs. Contact our sales office for more infomation.

DRS Add-ins includes setup and operating assistance from DRS Help Desk: www.RMShelp.com (live chat, e-ticket, remote logon assistance, 24/7 knowle

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