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Matrix Master 3-5 PCs

Matrix Master 3-5 PCs

Matrix Master includes:
DRS AutoGen
DRS Power Ops

The result: Lightning fast new item adds. Create hundreds or even thousands of matrix items in minutes. See for yourself what Matrix Master can do for your store. Evaluation download available upon request.

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Matrix Master includes all matrix create/edit/display features to maintain matrix items, plus purchase order integration (add to PO, view/print PO's in matrix grid format, more).

Setup defaults:
- Auto-generate item lookup codes; user-defined formats
- Create style sheets to manage matrices in 1-3 dimensions
- Assign margin/markup price calculators for regular, ABC, and lower/upper bound prices with rounding
- Format list view grid lines and/or alternate row colors

Create/edit items:
- Add/copy new matrix items using quick entry forms
- Enter dimensions in seconds with reusable style sheets
- Assign style sheets by dept, category, and supplier
- Add additional dimensions to matrix items in 3 easy ways
- Change all matrix item descriptions in batch mode
- Build matrix style sheets from existing items in seconds
- Delete item or matrix with associated component items

- Display matrix grids and change view on-the-fly
- Show pictures in large or small format with Notes
- View on hand, committed, and pending quantities with mouse-over
- View start/stop sale dates or discount schedule with mouse-over
- View all item details from one screen
- Drill-down to Alias, Offline, Member Of, and Supplier/SRN
- Use hot keys to filter items by matrix class or components
- View matrix class items by total units or in matrix grids with drill-down to component details
- View on order details for items from POS
- Add tagged item to sale; adjust quantities; select serial numbers

Purchase Order integration:
- Tag items and immediately generate a new PO or add items to an existing open PO
- Vew suggested orders and calculate fill-in quantities based on restocking levels
- Allocate freight by units received or pro-rate by dollar value
- Carry forward partial PO's and generate new PO's with outstanding items
- Print PO's in matrix grid format

In an HQ environment you have the choice to install Matrix Master at HQ only (limited to item creation features), or install at both HQ and in Store Operations to utilize the full feature set.

*If you want Matrix Master features available in both HQ and at your store locations, you need to license all your Store Operations installations. A HQ license key is included for no additional charge when you order Matrix Master for more than one Store Operations location.

IMPORTANT: DRS Add-ins have been marked as dedicated to the public domain with CCO 1.0.
Prices are for reference only and indicate original license or AMP renewal cost.
The software is FREE to download and install and provided AS-IS with no warranty or support included. Charges ONLY apply if you request support assistance from our help desk at DRShelp.com.

3-5 PC

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