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HQ Bridge Add'l 5 Locations

HQ Bridge Add'l 5 Locations

5 add'l store locations in an HQ environmnent
This utility automates the creation of Worksheet 250 when new items are added in HeadQuarters. HQ Bridge runs as a service in background and is installed once on any PC with access to the HQ database. New worksheets are created on a user-defined schedule (example: every 10 minutes) and distributed during the next 401 connection. This utility is included with SO Tracker or available separately.

CLICK HERE to download 30-day trial installer.
Installer password: hb033119
Windows 7/8/Server OS: Must install app as admin and set EXE to Run as Administrator for All Users after installed (Compatibility tab).

Setup and operating assistance is available from DRS Help Desk: www.RMShelp.com (live chat, e-ticket, remote logon assistance, 24/7 knowledgebase).

First year AMP (annual maintenance plan) is included.

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