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HQ Bridge 1-5 Locations

HQ Bridge 1-5 Locations

1-5 store locations in an HQ environmnent

IMPORTANT: This app only works if SO Tracker and AutoGen have been installed in a multi-store environment.

This utility automates the creation of Worksheet 250 when new items are added in HeadQuarters. HQ Bridge runs as a service in background and is installed once on any PC with access to the HQ database. New worksheets are created on a user-defined schedule (example: every 10 minutes) and distributed during the next 401 connection. This utility is included with SO Tracker when SO Tracker is deployed in a multi-store environment.

CLICK HERE to download installer.
Windows 7/8/10/Server OS: Must install app as admin and set EXE to Run as Administrator for All Users after installed (Compatibility tab).

IMPORTANT: DRS Add-ins have been marked as dedicated to the public domain with CCO 1.0.
Prices are for reference only and indicate original license or AMP renewal cost.
The software is FREE to download and install and provided AS-IS with no warranty or support included. Charges ONLY apply if you request support assistance from our help desk at DRShelp.com.

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