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DRS TenderView

DRS TenderView

Unlimited use; no license or purchase required.

TenderView provides a quick view of cash drawer amounts in POS without running an X report. TenderView helps users quickly balance cash drawers during end-of-day closeouts.

CLICK HERE for TenderView brochure

CLICK HERE to download installer.
Installer password: tv033119

This utility is provided AS IS (no support available). See Help file and tutorial for setup and operating instructions. Install on each Microsoft Dynamics RMS POS lane.

This add-in includes three custom reports and a procedural guide to EOD/EOM processing. Reports include two Crystal Reports: DRS EOD Report, DRS Sales Summary Report, and one Active report: Profit Report (Item Sales). The Crystal Reports will only run on your RMS database server and only if server name is set to (local) in Store Operations Administrator, File, Configuration.

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