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DRS SO Tracker 3-5 PCs

DRS SO Tracker 3-5 PCs

First year AMP (annual maintenance plan) is included.
This utility allows users to track special orders in Store Operations from initial order entry through delivery to the customer. SO(Special Order) Tracker runs in POS while a Special Order Report in Manager can be used to monitor and manage orders. You can also run SO Tracker in Manager or in standalone mode to view special orders in progress.

SO Tracker is designed to work with Store Operations or Store Operations in a HeadQuarters environment*. SO Tracker is installed on all PCs where Store Operations POS is installed and any stations where specials orders are managed and tracked. Example: Purchasing and Receiving stations.

Retailers can use SO Tracker to:
- Monitor all open sales orders with out of stock items (workorders, layaways, backorders)
- Quickly create on-the-fly "special order" items in POS tied to a specific customer
- View supplier information including phone, email and website link
- Track action items on sales orders including deposit, order status, receipt status, and
- Maintain a customer contact log of phone, email or fax attempts

A Special Order Report included with SO Tracker will list all orders in progress indicating items that need to be ordered (workorders, layaways and backorders). This report is useful for managing to-do lists for purchasing, service, sales and delivery personnel.

*In an HQ multi-store environment you also need DRS AutoGen and HQ Bridge to synchronize special order items between locations.

Click here to view SO Tracker tutorial

CLICK HERE to download 30-day trial installer.
Installer password: st033119
Windows 7 & higher: Must install app as admin and set app shortcut to Run as Administrator for All Users after installed (Compatibility tab).

Click here for SO Tracker brochure

First year AMP (annual maintenance plan) is included.

IMPORTANT: Before placing an order you must FIRST request a license by running the application, select About, Register in top menu, click envelope icon and follow the instructions. Our registration office will reply with appropriate cart link.

3-5 PC

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