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Linker SE for SmartEtailing

Linker SE for SmartEtailing

Requires RMS Toolkit, Bicycle Bundle or Bicycle Bundle Lite license with current AMP. Additional fee applies for multi-store license (HQ).
This special function of DRS Linker is designed for SmartEtailing.com clients who subscribe to POS Sync or Buy Local Now. These services synchronize your point-of-sale item database with a SmartEtailing product catalog, Specials page, or Buy Local Now service. For details, contact SmartEtailing.com at 303-776-2018.

Linker relies on Windows Task Scheduler to assign day/times for automated file transfers. Users can install Linker on any PC with access to a RMS database, but that PC needs to be operating 24/7 to automate the process.

Includes setup and operating assistance from DRS Help Desk: www.RMShelp.com (live chat, e-ticket, remote logon assistance, 24/7 knowledgebase)

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