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DRS AutoGen Store Ops 3-5 PCs

DRS AutoGen Store Ops 3-5 PCs

First year AMP (annual maintenance plan) is included.
This utility allows users to configure the RMS database to automate certain procedures for new item adds. AutoGen also automates changes to selected data in Item Properties and Purchase Orders.

AutoGen can be used to configure a Store Operations or HeadQuarters database depending on license registration.

Retailers can use AutoGen to:
- Define a pattern to autogenerate Item Lookup Codes (ILC) using a sequential number
- Define a pattern to autogenerate categorized ILCs using a category or dept/category prefix
- Define a pattern to autogenerate ILCs using a supplier code prefix
- Create a Special Order department and autogenerate special order ILCs for use in POS (HQ database only)*
- Create a Trade-in department and autogenerate trade-in ILCs for use in POS
- Automate sales tax assgnment by store location for new items added in HQ Manager (HQ database only)
- Automate copying of the Supplier Reorder Number as an Alias
- Automate updates of Suppliers and Supplier Reorder Numbers from Purchase Order entries

*This feature works in conjunction with DRS Special Order Tracker (available separately).

Click here to view AutoGen tutorial

CLICK HERE to download installer.
Windows 7 & higher: Must install app as admin and set app shortcut to Run as Administrator for All Users after installed (Compatibility tab).

Click here for AutoGen brochure

IMPORTANT: DRS Add-ins have been marked as dedicated to the public domain with CCO 1.0.
Prices are for reference only and indicate original license or AMP renewal cost.
The software is FREE to download and install and provided AS-IS with no warranty or support included. Charges ONLY apply if you request support assistance from our help desk at DRShelp.com.

3-5 PC


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