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1.15" x 1" Labels 3370/roll DT

1.15" x 1" Labels 3370/roll DT

2 across
QUANTITY - 6 rolls
These labels are for use with Cognitive DIRECT THERMAL printers including DelSol and Advantage. Direct thermal models do not use ribbons and rely on heat to produce an image on the label.

IMPORTANT: You should NOT purchase this size label unless you are assigning short Item Lookup Codes in RMS and thoroughly tested the results. Otherwise the barcodes may be too large to fit within 1.15" with the required white space on either side for scanning.

One way to ensure this will work is to assign 6 digit numbers with barcode type set to Interleave 2 of 5. You can use DRS AutoGen add-in to automate this. For details see RMS Add-ins under the Software link in the left menu.

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